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Post by Seiveil on Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:04 am

I've finally figured it out. xD

Ahem....the rep system has come out, and I'll explain how it goes.

The way to give reputation is by clicking on the small + or - blue buttons on the right side of a post (closest to the avatar) by:

1. A well written post

2. Something you find funny

or 3. To test it out (which should stop by the end of next week)

Now if I find someone with an overly massive number of reputation, and it's only been a couple days after we've started it, the rep system is gone. It's for fun, as well as the point system, but it can't continue if someone is being "funny" and abuses it.

EDIT: The reputation system goes up by three everytime someone up reps someone, and will go down three if a post is neg repped.
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